No fancy title...just some random stuff...

Mom and sis left Thursday morning...and I was kinda happy to see them go. But overall we had a good time. Went to work Thursday and Friday...and those were two hard days...I'm not gonna make it next week, when I have to work 4 days in a row. And the week after that I have to work 5 whole days! So unfair. And we don't have a holiday off until May, which blows. I'mma try to be a good girl and not take any time off from work, so I can let my PTO build up.

When I got back to work on Thursday morning, I had an email from my friend NS, who I haven't seen or talked to in months (so apparently she really is more of an acquaintance now, but I digress)...and she was having a going away party on Friday night. I was really surprised, so I went last night to see her and get the scoop. She told me that she's transferring to a site in MD, and that's she's engaged! Apparently she met her beau at a wedding in July (that she only attended to show her ex how great she looked after he weight loss!), and now they are engaged. Definitely an example of Mama L's rule "A man who wants you will do whatever he has to do to get you". I'm very happy for her, she's a sweet girl and deserves to be happy. In other news, its nice to see that I'm not the only one trying to get out of this hell hole called Orlando.

While I was out at the party last night, I sent RD a text and asked if he wanted to see me...and he replied that he did, until I informed him that he had to come to my house...then suddenly he had "an early meeting and didn't want to leave his side of town"...yeah, I see we're gonna have to have another talk about equity in this relationship. Cause just like I gotta drive to the end of the Earth to get to his house, he has to do the same for me. We had planned earlier to see each other today, so we'll have to have a talk.

I think I'm going to relax in my empty house and just watch tv today.