My Weekend in Atlantic City

This past weekend I headed up to Atlantic City (AC) for some gambling and kicking it with some folks. Initially I wasn't planning to go, but a certain someone who works for LM in Philly was all whiny about me not coming, and I got a flight for dirtcheap so I said what the hell and made the trip. Friday morning I flew into Philly. Surprisingly, I was at the airport was like no one was going to work Friday morning cause I had no traffic and even the airport was empty. Flight was easy, on US Airways, which I haven't flown in a good 4 years, but I see I need to re-establish my relationship with them. They are certainly better than that slaveship of an airline Spirit Air. Anyway, got into Philly, and met up with my homie C in the airport....and we spent an hour waiting for our ride, the previously mentioned LM whiner F. During that time, I do a lot of people watching, which everyone knows I love to do, and I saw all kinds of stuff just in the Philly airport, it was pure comedy.

F finally makes it to the airport, we hop in and hit the road to AC. The trip was interesting, since I've never been to either Jersey or Philly. First, getting to the gas station and not having to get out the car for gas was a nice change. The little toll plazas were giving me Orlando flashbacks. And F's seatbelt in the backseat was trying to choke me, I guess it didn't like laying over the girls.

We finally make it to AC, and the first thing I see are all these pretty little outlet stores, which makes me happy on the inside. As we travel down Atlantic Ave (and it took me a minute to realize all the streets are Monopoly streets! Yeah, I'm slow....) I saw that the atmosphere started to change....Now all I saw were liquor stores, adult movie theaters, 24 hour Oriental massage parlors, churches, and a wide assortment of panhandlers...Yeah, we were in the hood, but it wasn't the worst hood I've ever seen (that title will always remain with Detroit, sadly). We make a stop at the liquor store across the street from the hotel and then go over and check in. C and I shared a room on the 27th floor, which was very pretty, until I started looking around. First, the lazy maids left a bag of trash and cigarette butts all over our balcony, and the freaking beds were like bricks! I mean, I sat down and there was no kind of spring action going on...

F had a suite, so we hung out in his room for a moment, until his friend N arrived, and then we all headed out to get some food. We drive back to the hood and hit the KFC/Taco Bell, which was very entertaining...Imagine some hood chicks, some young boys, a few panhandlers asking folks for money, and a bunch of crazy seagulls lurking around hoping someone drops something, and you'll have our experience. After eating, we hit the liquor store, where I decided to make the punch I'd created last month at my party, so we picked up some Ketel One (my boyfriend *smile) and Cruzan coconut rum and some juice and headed back to the hotel. I made the punch, we started drinking, and more folks started arriving. F's friend D arrived with about 5 gallons of "Jungle Juice" (I have no idea what was it in but it was good than a mug!) and during the drinking, a spirited game of "I Never" commenced....and let's just say that I know way too much about a lot of folks. But good times nonetheless.

Around 11 we decide to hit the club at Borgata, so we all change and head over. Borgata is a very cute casino btw, I wish I would have stayed to actually gamble instead of just dancing. Anyway, there are two clubs, Mur Mur and Mixx, and somehow the group I rode with ended up in Mur Mur while everyone else was in Mixx. During my temporary stay in the first club I had a drink, saw some White guys get into a shoving match, saw some go-go dancers (how come you only see go-go dancers at "White" clubs? Don't Black clubs need go-go dancers too?), and almost froze to death....We headed over to the other club to join the group, which was doing a house-type vibe...F aka "Dance Fever" was all over the dance floor, and I think he had a battle with a White guy but I'm not sure. N was ridiculously intoxicated and wound up taking a nap in a booth for a while, which was hilarious. Around 2 AM mostly everyone was ready to go but since my ride was staying, I wound up staying and we headed back over to the first club. I was soooooooooooo ready to go....especially since the club was full of rhythmless White people who were doing the same crazy non-rhythm two-step to every song (have you ever noticed that? Their "beat" doesn't change even though the song does, what is up with that?). The crazy part was that the kid who drove, who really wanted to stay, wasn't even dancing! He was just standing around with a drink watching the White girls. Ugh.

I finally made it back to the hotel at 3AM but didn't get to sleep until about 4:30 (don't ask)....And yes, I managed to get some sleep on that rockhard bed in the room.

Saturday morning we were up and got some food at the hotel restaurant, which was surprisingly good. Then we had the bright idea to WALK from our hotel (at the end of the damn boardwalk) all the way to the other end....I forgot to mention that I was wearing a babydoll dress and some flat sandals that had a tiny little heel, and those probably weren't the best shoes for this trip. Also, I was in the company of several photographers who took like 8 shots a minute, which made for an interesting walk. So we started in the Taj Mahal, which was so tacky that it was actually halfway cute, and slowly made our way up the boardwalk, ending up at Caesar's, which has a very cute mall behind it. We stopped for more food there and then went back to the hotel. I was so freaking tired, thanks to the long ass walk and not a lot of sleep and chilled in my room for a few minutes while also doing some texting (I forgot to mention that I was in contact with an old friend from college during the weekend, but we'll save that story for another post). Anyway, someone gets the bright idea to head over to the beach house, where some other folks were staying. So we hop in some cars and make the drive, which was supposed to be 20 minutes but wound up be a lot longer than that. We make it over and chill, do some shots of Ketel One (still my boyfriend *smile*), order some pizza, and just chill.

I have no idea what time it was, but we head back over to the hotel...I have no idea how it happened but I ended up being the only female in the car *smh* and lets just say that boys will always be boys whether they are 9 or 29....they never grow up *frown*. I head to the room to get dressed, do my hair and all that, and by that time my friend R arrives from NYC. The crew decides that we want to hit 40/40 that night, so we make our way over. Yay for no cover! The club was pretty cute, not particularly exciting, except for one wall was like stadium seating, except it was VIP-style couches, which I thought was very cute. And they had ESPN on which I appreciated since I hadn't seen ANY freaking football games on Saturday. I had some more drinks (Ketel One of course) and did some dancing and took pics and whatnot. I had a MUCH better time than I did in the club the previous night. And of course, I was people watching....and it was complete comedy. I really need my bigger sisters to stop wearing such foolishness and really evaluate what they look like before they leave the house...and I need chicks to start wearing bras.

Anyway, R and I left the club together, there were still folks there but I was tired, and we headed back to the hotel. I went to bed, but apparently I missed 2 hours of driving around, a drunk chick who also might have been on drugs, lots of laughter, a really bad weave, and a failed booty call attempt. Apparently it was funny but I'm glad I missed it.

Sunday morning we were up for checkout, everyone went their separate ways, and hopped in the car to get back to Philly. There was a lot of traffic, but we made it back early enough for me to catch an earlier flight so I hopped on that and made it back to my house by 5:30. I spent the night making sure everyone got home and sleeping....

Overall a great trip...I need to post my pics and get a hold of all the cute ones of me.