My trip to Atlanta + I hate the news....

This past weekend I went to Atlanta for work (recruitment) and stayed the weekend to hang out. Everytime I go back, I miss the city more and more. Why the heck did I leave? Oh ,that''s right, I couldn't find a job. Maybe we can rectify that soon... So here's a quick recap of my weekend:

  • Got in Thursday and had both a salad from Doc Greens and dinner at Copeland's - both are restaurants I can't get in Orlando
  • Supported interviews at Tech; met some cool folks including a cute White dude looking for a gig and a manager who wanted my resume; had lunch at Junior's and saw two of my Vagina Monologues castmates.
  • Did happy hour and sushi with my homies J and R...and had such a good time! I miss them.
  • Visited with my friend VS and took her her gift, which she loved. One month until my play niece is here!
  • Took CB (not ex-boyfriend CB, another one) off the island of lost men temporarily so we could go out and have drinks, which was a ton of fun...maybe I should take him off the island permanently....
  • Suffered through the hell that is Hartsfield Airport's security line, cause they only had about half the lines open...WTF? The busiest airport in the world and you only got half the screening lines open?

Overall a great weekend!

Now, thanks to today's revelation of drugs in drinking water (no duh, Associated Press!) I'm officially quitting all news sources. Its nothing but sensationalism. Then folks who aren't smart enough to intelligently digest and dissect the news get all alarmed and whatnot and then I get email forwards that are incorrect and stupid. So I'm done.