My Trip Home And Other Tales From Jubi's Life

I haven't done a recap post in a while - this is gonna be fun #yay. This past weekend I went home to MI, to attend my brother's graduation & to visit with my nieces & new baby nephew. I was really looking forward to this trip - I don't get to see my family as often as I would like & plus I needed the time away from work.

This story really begins on Wednesday. So all week I had been on cruise control in the office because my boss was out & we were having a new instrument installed & that was keeping me occupied. Wednesday evening I got a call from the new guy, the artist, and we wound up kicking it until abt 2AM (why I did that on a school night, IDK). So I was dragging on Thursday, which was also the day I needed to clean, pack and go to bed early so I could be up for my 7AM flight.

Friday morning I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed & headed over to the airport. I parked in the garage at the offsite parking place, because I knew it was going to snow that weekend & I didn't want my car to be covered in snow when I got back. I didn't know that it was going to be the storm of the century in Mpls, but I digress. Anyway, flying out of Mpls was easy & I made it to Detroit around noon. Picked up my rental & headed to my brother's house, to chill & see the kids.

My brother (DCT) is the one who was graduating. He's also the father of the twins & the new baby nephew. I couldn't wait to see the girls & to hang out with the new baby. I think I mentioned this before, but all of my nieces & now my nephew look like my side of the family, like spitting images of my brother, me, my mom, etc. Crazy, my family must have really strong genes. Anyway, since the last time I saw the twins, they have become expert walkers & have also started saying a lot of one & two-syllable words. And they are a handful! Constantly touching stuff, running around, talking to you & each other, etc. They kept me in stitches the entire weekend, it was hilarious to just sit & watch them interact with each other.

My nephew is an absolute doll, he is the cutest thing ever. He's the first boy born in the family in a long time, and my brother is the proudest father ever. My nephew is a very easy-going baby, he only cries when he's being changed (he hates being cold) or when he's hungry...and he's hungry A LOT. He's a big baby & getting bigger everyday.

So my mom & I decided to send my brother & SIL to a nice hotel for the night & we would watch the kids. I figured that my mom would be the one to stay up with the baby, since she's a mother & she knows what she's doing. I was planning to catch up on my sleep once we put the twins to bed...but she & my nephew had other plans. Around 1AM my mom woke me up & told me that she couldn't get the baby to take a bottle or go to sleep and she was ready to call my brother & SIL. I didn't want to ruin their night, so I took the baby, and he immediately took his bottle, burped and then fell asleep on my chest. Apparently I have a very soothing effect on babies/toddlers, cause each of my nieces used to do the same thing. I wound up napping with the baby on the couch, while my mom got hours of sleep in the bed #imhating. How does the person with no kids get stuck being up with the baby all night? What part of the game is that?

Saturday I was still dragging from a lack of a full night's rest, but I soldiered on. Next up was a visit with my other brother (BLT), his wife & their daughter, who is my other niece. She's a true Daddy's girl, and shy like her dad, so it took some time for her to warm up completely to me. But she's the cutest thing & very smart & loving. While we were visiting, we discovered that my brother had all these old family photos at his house, so we spent some time going through them & reminiscing. I had a really great childhood, and my parents captured most of it in photos, and going through those pics brought back so many memories.

I managed to sit down for abt an hour Saturday evening, before I headed out again. I had a date #yay. I think I'll devote the specifics of Saturday's date to a separate post, so we'll skip that for right now.

Sunday was DCT's graduation from Wayne State. The big snowstorm had already reached Detroit, and the roads were slushy but passable on Sunday morning. My mom, dad, SIL & I attended the graduation, and it was very emotional. My brother went through a lot to finish school & it was great to be able to be there & celebrate his achievement with him. After graduation, my mom & aunt (who watched the kids while we were gone) headed home, while the rest of us chilled in the house as the snow picked up. In the afternoon my brother's satellite went out thanks to accumulation on the dish (and THIS is why I don't have Directv!) so I was forced to find other ways to entertain myself. I chilled with the kids, read, hopped on the Internets, and txted/bbm'ed for a while, before I finally fell asleep on the couch while watching Knocked Up.

Monday I headed out early to make it to the airport & my flight on-time. The roads were surprisingly more clear than I expected, and DTW wasn't too busy, tho there were a lot of folks there who were trying to get rebooked onto new flights. I got out of Detroit late, but made it back to Mpls at a decent time. I hate to wait for 3 shuttles tho to get back to my car #grrr...but once I made it to the car it was a quick trip back to my apartment. #shoutout to all the transportation folks in the Twin Cities - I was amazed at how clear the roads were, even the surface & side streets. There is an insane amount of snow out there, the snow banks are ridiculously tall.

So....all in all, a great weekend, weather excluded. The highlights were graduation & the kids. Hanging with my nieces actually made me rethink my "I don't think I want kids" position. Granted they are a handful, but they aren't bad kids, they are just curious & full of energy. And the baby, he is just so precious & I could cuddle with him all day.

Overall, a great trip home - I gotta do that again soon.