My Style Evolution

I noticed a few months ago that my style/fashion sense has completely changed. Over the years I've gone through several transformations, which mostly have been tied to my body shape and how I feel about it. I've gone from the baggy clothes, to the cute dressy look everyday, back to baggy clothes during my grad school years. Now that I'm a real grown-up (how crazy is that) my style has evolved to a more classic, almost preppy look. The stores I frequent has changed, and my closet looks completely different than what it used to.

I've given up the "trendy" cheap stores in favor of stores that offer a more classic style & more classic pieces. A few years ago I would have never shopped in Banana Republic or Ann Taylor, and now those are 2 of my favorite stores. I have a ton of cardigans, simple button-ups or polos, and skirts, when I used to be a simple jeans and t-shirt girl.

Has your style evolved or changed? What things do you love now that you didn't like before?