My plan

This has been the first full week that I've been in my new place, and while I like it, its not what I've been used to. My last two places have been absolutely beautiful, brand-new constructions or renovations, and this place is definitely as old as I am. At the same time, the really nice renovated places are out of my budget here, especially with the stupid credit card debt I have. The really nice places that are within my budget are too far out, like my old place was. All the great places in town would have me living off of ramen and tap water.

Since this place is cheaper than my old place, and I just freaking moved in, my plan is to use this time to pay off my credit card debt completely. I've also been thinking about getting a job for the holiday season, and I'm going to make that happen. I'm going to use the snowball method and just attack my bills, and by the time my lease is up here I will be credit card debt free, and my budget will be more "fabulous apartment" friendly.