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My Mom can be a jerk

So as previously mentioned in earlier posts, I'm at home visiting for the holidays. My sentence is up, and I'm flying back to Orlando tomorrow. Normally I don't look forward to returning to the place I affectionately refer to as "the seventh circle of hell" but right now its looking like Club Med (is that place still open?) compared to being at home and dealing with my crazy ass family.

There's one thing in particular that my mom has been doing that has been driving me crazy - She's been so racist and close-minded on the topic of Black women and long hair.

To my mom, if a Black woman has hair that is shoulder length or longer, especially if she's dark-skinned, then its AUTOMATICALLY a weave. In her mind, its IMPOSSIBLE for so many Black women to have long hair. And then she proclaimed that our DNA isn't programmed for us to have long hair!


Never mind the fact that both of her daughters have hair past their shoulders. I'm surprised she hasn't been running her hands through my hair to look for tracks. I tried to explain to her that there are many Black women who have long hair (and when I say long I'm talking at least brastrap down to waist length), but she's apparently oblivious to any type of reasoning. I just dont understand her reasoning or her vendetta against Black women having long hair, its almost like she doesnt want anyone else to have long hair just because she doesnt have it. But to ASSume that every Black chick with hair that isn't broken off, dry as hell, full of split ends, or so dirty that it smells is wearing a weave is messed up, and it lightweight hurt my feelings.

Talking to my mom about this topic really pissed me off because I am in the process of growing my hair out, and also because I've always thought my mom was too smart to believe such crap. I never thought that my mom would believe in stereotypes about what "Blackness" is. And its really pissing me off to know that if my mom thinks this way, then there are a ton of people out there who think just like her.

*sigh again*

I'm really disappointed.


Being at Home