My Halloween

How was everyone's Halloween? Got any crazy stories to tell? Leave them in the comments!

My mom and sister came to visit me this past weekend, Halloween weekend. My mom's birthday is Halloween Eve, so I got to take her out for her birthday this year. We did Texas de Brazil, which I always love to go to - you cant get any better than men with meat on sticks, yum! I also took my mom to the casino in Tampa, we did some shopping, and just had a good visit.
Halloween night I went downtown to meet some folks & enjoy the festivities. This was my first time hitting downtown for Halloween, and I had no idea there would be so many folks! Absolute craziness - tons of folks. Orange Ave (the main downtown street) was blocked off and folks were all over the place. One thing that I was really upset to see was all the damn babies out there! I got downtown a little before midnight, so there was no reason for those babies to be out there. If you have a stroller, you shouldnt be in the middle of a drunken crowd at midnight, I'm jes sayin...
I saw a lot of great costumes, I should have taken my camera so I can show you. I was disappointed with some of the ladies, wearing costumes that were too small & showing their rolls & stuff. Can we keep it classy for Halloween 2010 ladies? Thanks.
I actually was not in costume, because I went downtown on a whim. I was pretty fabulous tho, dressed very cute with bright red lips. I've decided that red lips are gonna be my new signature, I've gotten lots of compliments and attention from the red lips, and I do feel sexy wearing it. Anyway, I walked around for a bit, then hit the cigar bar to sit down & have a couple drinks. As I was leaving, I started talking to this guy who was such a cutie...unfortunately I didnt get his number :-( and I'm still kicking myself over that. Ahh well, next time I will not make the same mistake.