My Expectations For Marriage

I wrote a beautiful post...and it was posted on A Practical Wedding today! APW was one of my fave wedding sites during my engagement, and I love that they focus on more than just the wedding. They have info and posts about not just your wedding, but your marriage, your family, even your career. And the community? Its the bee's knees, full of thoughtful commenters who know how to be respectful. A snippet from my post:

got married a little over five months ago.  As a newlywed, the question I get the most often is, “How is married life? Is it everything you expected?” I generally give a generic answer about it being awesome, but that’s a half-truth. Married life is amazing and better than I expected, but that’s because my expectations were non-existent.

I always knew that I wanted to be married, but I never spent much time thinking about what I wanted from marriage. Instead, I fantasized about what I didn’t want my marriage to be like—my parents’ marriage. I grew up in a two-parent home, with people who loved each other but didn’t know how to really make a marriage work. It wasn’t their fault; they both grew up in single-parent homes. They grew up differently and took different paths in life before they met and married.

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Thanks for reading!.