My Epic Week of Concerts - Wale at Epic Event Center

As I said in my last post, the week of October 1 to October 7 was an epic week for live music in the Twin Cities. The week started with an amazing Eric Roberson show at Dakota Jazz Club. The next night (Sunday night) I saw Wale perform at Epic Event Center. I loves me some Wale - I wasn't a fan until his first album came out, and then I fell in love with the mixtapes. He's been on my "I would love to see him perform" list for a while, so when my friend B told me about the show, I decided I was gonna go no matter what, even if I had to go alone. In the end, my friend B came with, and I'm glad she did cause it was quite a night.

Since I knew it was both a late night (after 10pm) and a standing room only show, I decided to go comfy & casual in jeans, a cute top, cardigan & sneakers. I was in the minority - outside of B & maybe 3 other women, every other chick was in their club gear: short/tight dress, 4+inch heels,  full weave, etc. Who wears tall heels to a standing room only show? While I was waiting in line to get in (which took about 45 minutes) all the girls around me were taking off their shoes, sitting on ledges, etc. Crazy. I'm not a fan of dressing inappropriately for the venue, but all the chicks decided to dress for the club instead of a show...I should have known...

Once we got inside, we grabbed a drink while we waited for more folks to come in & the show to begin. First up were some local rap acts...which were good & terrible. Seriously, I tried to give them a chance, but I was like "huh?". No one was even paying attention to them. And they were all just "rapping" over their tracks, so you could hear the vocals on the original track. Ehhh....I'm not a fan.

After the local acts, there was another long break so I got a chance to people watch & complain on the Twitter. And the stuff I saw....Listen, when every woman in the club is wearing a trend, like let's say feather earrings, that means that it's officially over. I saw lots of women wearing stuff that they had no business putting on. Several women who were clearly trying to make it onto Your Mom Is At The Club. And even if you're 19 & a size 2, remember ladies: tight+short+cleavage = trashy/skanky. Leave something to the imagination!

Ok, my rant is over now, let's get back to the show.

Around midnight or 1230AM, Wale's tour DJ came out on the stage - FINALLY. He did a bit & then Wale's opening artist, Black Cobain. I had never heard of him before, but I liked his set. The crowd didn't seem very into him tho, I guess they were ready for Wale to finally come out.

So what time did Wale take the stage? 1AM! That's right. And keep in mind folks, Minneapolis shuts down at 2AM *sigh*. But hey, at least he finally took the stage right?

Wale did mostly album stuff, tho he threw in a few mixtape songs as well. And he also brought out Freeway, who was in town to do a benefit show earlier that weekend. Freeway definitely got the crowd hype! As Wale's show progressed, I noticed there were a bunch of broads on stage...and then of course he did "Pretty Girls". And that's when one of the broads actually started P-popping on a handstand - NO JOKE *sigh*

All during the show Wale's DJ kept shouting out their Twitter names...and then at the end of the night shouted out that to find out where the private after party was, you had to follow a certain Twitter name 0_o dude.

So yeah...I could have stayed home. I was out late on a school night & I got a less-than stellar show. I could have gotten some sleep!

Epic concert week is now batting .5000 - next up, Lalah Hathaway!