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My Epic Week of Concerts - Van Hunt at Bunkers

If you've been keeping score, my epic week of concerts had Eric Roberson & Lalah Hathaway in the win column, and Wale in the loss column. My last show for the week was Van Hunt at Bunkers. I've loved Van Hunt's brand of neo-soul/rock/blues fusion since the first time I heard "Dust" and I'm a big fan of his under-appreciated talent. For the Saturday night show, I met up with my friends B & J, and we carpooled to Bunkers. This was my first time at Bunkers, which I heard was a good venue for live music. When we arrived, one of the 2 opening acts were on-stage. I was greeted by a racially mixed crowd, which is very common here in the Twin Cities (and I appreciate). We grabbed some seats in the back of the bar & chatted while the opening acts played.

The first opening act was a local soul cover band, who sounded great. After about 15 minutes the 2nd opening act took the stage. I can only describe their sound as...interesting. It was very agnst-y, the type of music you'd listen to while depressed & reading Sylvia Plath. Most people in the venue didn't seem to be into their performance...which seemed to drag on forever.

Finally the second group finished their set, and we moved closer to the stage to have a good view for Van Hunt's performance. He & his band finally took the stage & the crowd immediately got into the music. There was one young lady who was really into it, so much that she kept screaming & flailing her arms all over, ugh.

As I said, I'm a Van Hunt fan...but I was not very into his show. He performed a lot of music from his recent album, which is a much different sound than his previous two albums. He did perform songs that I love, like "Dust", "Down Here In Hell With You" and "Seconds of Pleasure"...but he changed the arrangements which made them less enjoyable. He gave them more a hard rock edge, instead of keeping them smooth & mellow.

Was the music great? Absolutely. But Van Hunt's sound has transitioned to a more hard rock vibe, and I'm a fan of his more neo-soul/blues-y stuff. So the show was just "ok" for me - not stellar but not horrible either. And considering that admission was only $12, I'd say it was worth the price of admission.

I ended the week of epic concerts with 2 great shows & 2 "ehh" shows. Every show wasn't stellar, but having the opportunity to see a diverse set of acts was great.

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