My Epic Week of Concerts - Lalah Hathaway at Dakota Jazz Club

My epic week of concerts began with a stellar Eric Roberson show at Dakota Jazz Club, followed by a lukewarm Wale performance at Epic Event Center. Next up was Lalah Hathaway at Dakota Jazz Club. I've been a Lalah fan since I was young - I remember my dad playing her first album over & over, and I still listen to it to this day. Her voice is one of my top 5 favorites - sultry, smoky, seductive & able to convey so much emotion. If I was a singer, I'd love to have a voice like Lalah's.

Lalah did two shows at Dakota Jazz, a 7pm & a 930pm show. I opted for the 7pm because I knew I couldn't handle another late night in a row, I hadn't gotten to bed earlier than 3AM in several days & by the day of the show I was dragging. For this show, my companions & I were further back from the stage, but we still enjoyed the show.

Lalah, her band & backup singers took to the stage around 715pm & did a great mix of new stuff, old stuff & covers. She did a couple of songs off her new album (which came out this week I think ) which I really liked. She did "I'm Coming Back" from her first album (one of my faves), as well as "Breathe" which is a fave from her Self Portrait album. During her covers part she did an amazing rendition of "Summertime" which also featured her backup singers doing solos & both of them were great. She also did Anita Baker's "Angel" and EWF"s "Love's Holiday". It was during the latter song that Stokley from Mint Condition (who was chillin in the audience) came up on stage & joined in, and they sounded great together.

Lalah's set lasted about 80 minutes, including her encore. A longer show would have been great but considering they were doing 2 shows, I understand the time constraints. I enjoyed every minute of her show & I'm glad that I finally got a chance to see her live.

If you're keeping score, epic concert week is now up to 2 great shows & 1 so-so up, Van Hunt!