My Epic Week Of Concerts - Eric Roberson at Dakota Jazz Club

October 1 - October 8, 2011 was an epic week of concerts in the Twin Cities. Somehow the stars aligned & I got a chance to see several artists that were on my "see live" list. The first show on my agenda was Eric Roberson at the Dakota Jazz Club on October 1. When I got the email announcing his show, I think I actually let out a squeal in delight. I love love love Eric Roberson, ever since QL introduced me to his music during my trip to Charlotte. I instantly became a fan & I've been one ever since. I had heard from many acquaintances that he put on an amazing live show, so I was very excited that he was coming to Minneapolis.

The show was at Dakota Jazz Club, which is a fairly well-known venue here in the Twin Cities. It's on the smaller side, with a small stage & intimate setting. It's not the type of place that will pack in 500 people, which is great if you are in the audience.

When I learned of the show, I informed my women's group, and a group of 8 of us decided to go together. In order to get into the show, you needed a reservation since they did not issue tickets or have ticket sales online for this show (weird, I know). The night of the show, the lobby outside of the Dakota was packed with people trying to check in & also wait for the doors to open. When my friends & I made it to the front of the line to check in, we discovered that thanks to our large party, we had a table right next to the stage #yay. Talk about a great view!

Doors opened a little after 1030pm, but the opening act didn't go on until around 11PM. It was a local band, who also served as Eric's musicians. They performed a few songs before it was time for the main event.

Eric took the stage around 1130PM & he was entertaining from the moment he hit the stage! He opened with "The Newness" & his energy was great.

Between songs he joked with the audience, and since we were so close, our table was included in the antics. I ordered some fries, and during a song he actually grabbed one of my fries off the table & ate part of it!

Eric put on an amazing show & he did not disappoint. He did several of my favorites, including "Couldn't Her Me", "Dealing", and of course his new single "Picture Perfect".

During the show he solicited the audience for some random words, and then he put them together into a song. Check it out...

And he even grabbed a woman's phone & sang into it...cute.

He left the stage a little after 130AM & I did not want the music to end. The show was very entertaining & I sang along to every song (except for the new stuff of course). Afterward he took the time to sign CD's, take pics & chat with every fan in line, which was very nice. He gave my friend B & I hugs & was an absolute doll.

Epic Concert Week got off to a great start thanks to an amazing Eric Roberson up, Wale!