My Early Christmas Gift

I got the absolutely best Christmas gift ever this year, and I got it early. What did I get? A NEW JOB!

That's right, the Universe finally heard my pleas & sent a new job my way. And not only is it a new job, but its a promotion and its in Minneapolis!

Yall know that I've been job-hunting for a bit, when it became apparent to me that my job was on some funny-style stuff. I found my position doing my weekly search on I submitted my resume about a week before Thanksgiving, I had two phone interviews a week after Thanksgiving, and then flew up for an on-site visit a week after that. My offer came the next business day.

The craziest part of this that my current job attempted to counter the offer I had from the other company. I was very surprised by that, mostly cause I didn't think they valued me. But in the end, the amount of $$$$ it would take to get me to stay is more than my current company is willing to pay. Its just time for me to go.

So in the new position, I'll be doing what I do now (analytical & polymer chemistry), but on new products and more on the new product development side. I'm moving to another large company, and it seems like the perks & whatnot are about the same. I will be losing my 9/80 schedule, but I hope to be able to move to a 4/10 once I'm acclimated to the position.

Even though I don't want to live in Orlando permanently, I will miss it....especially the good friends I've made. I will miss having so many great shopping options & LM is already on notice that I will be back each quarter to get my outlet shopping in. And I will miss Restaurant Mafia, though I'm looking forward to moving the group to Minneapolis.

I'm just so excited, especially about my full relocation package and the opportunity to get back to a city that I love. This is the best Christmas gift that I could have gotten.