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My critique of "Stomp the Yard"

Alright, so I finally broke down and saw "Stomp the Yard". I was resisting seeing this movie because of the negative feedback I had heard regarding the depiction of Greeks in the movie. Everyone who knows me knows that I am THE sorority chick, that I love and rep my sorority every chance I get. As someone who is the first in her family to both go to college and pledge, I always get the ignorant and misguided questions about Greek life. I was afraid that "Stomp the Yard" and other similar projects would simply give a superficial overview of the more "glamorous" aspects of Black Greek life (like stepping, strolling, partying, etc.) and completely miss the great things that we do for the community. However, my intern (yes folks, Jubi got an intern!) finally convinced me to give the movie a chance and check it out. First, I'd like to start by saying that I thought it was gonna be "You Got Served" only with stepping. So the beginning of the movie did not disappoint me in that regard. But I did enjoy seeing that young cutie Chris Brown (who btw is legal now, yay!). And I think I saw a couple kids from that krumping movie "Rize"...Anyway, the scene where Chris Brown was killed just seemed so overly dramatic and that bothered me. And I didn't like how they just glossed over DJ going to jail and then going to Atlanta for college.

At this point, I'm getting anxious for the movie to get to the Greek stuff, since that's the part of the movie that I was most interested in seeing. But I was still rolling my eyes at stuff. Like I liked that everyone had on letters and line jackets (which of course were fake, but that's a story for another day). I liked the little yardshow thing, until the Mu Gamma Xi's started doing they little ugly handsign (who the hell came up with that?) and howling and stuff. And I wish they would have explored Megan Goode's sorority more, it was like she had on letters and that was it. I also wish they had explored and showed the reasons why DJ decided to pledge Theta Nu Theta...it went from the two frats inviting him to apply to him being on line, and if you hadn't pledged you really wouldn't have known why he and Ne-yo (who was really annoying btw) were wearing black and doing the stuff they were doing. Oh, and where were the rest of the frats? I know the yard has more than the Mu Gamma's and the Thetas?

Now the rest of the movie just kinda went downhill for me. Lots of stepping, which thankfully got progressively better. I did enjoy the shot of the Thetas running up Stone Mountain with the shirts off, I wish more frat boys looked like that. The thing that bothered me the most was the "he's an ex-con/I'mma get back at the chick that dissed me" thing...so unnecessary, and pretty damn homo. And the ethics board suspending him? Wack. I understand he didn't tell about his "conviction" but he was doing better, and aren't we supposed to be trying to keep good students in school, instead of throwing them out? Anyway, that whole thing was kinda wack.

The final stepshow was ok, I wish they would have shown more than one sorority stepping (cause what the AKA's did was not strolling). And I love how all the real orgs had their identifying info (shields, letters) removed...very interesting. The Mu Gamma's wolf thing scared me a bit, and I liked the Theta's show. And the final little battle thing was cute, the Theta's had me cracking up.

Overall, it was pretty much what I expected: a glamorized version of what Black Greek life really is. While I did appreciate that they showed famous Greeks (even though they showed my soror and not her sorority, ugh!) they really didn't show anything that we do in the community, except step, fight over chicks and live in big houses. Considering that the writers are Greek themselves, this would have been a great time to show the world what an impact Greek orgs make on their communities, but instead it simply seemed to reinforce stereotypes about our organizations. And even worse, now their will be a new generation of prospective members thinking that they want to pledge because they can dance and they want to party, or even worse, that we will start "recruiting" cause someone can step or dance. Boo on all that.

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