Movies kinda suck right now...

This weekend I saw "Untraceable", which was supposed to be a clever murder mystery involving an FBI agent tracking the creator of a website that allows folks to log in and see someone being killed live. Well, what I got was an obvious plot with some gruesome death scenes, and a predictable ending. Boring and a waste. NEXT!

Sadly, "Meet the Spartans" got the most money last weekend...who are these idiots going to see those types of movies? So contrite, hackneyed and just overall unfunny...what is the point?

Anyway, I love the classics, and one of my favorite classic films is "The Women". Just like the title, the movie only has women in it, and its about these women in NYC - one is married and the other steals her husband, and there's some subplots thrown in for good measure. But a great film. You should rent it sometime, its from 1939, and it stars Joan Crawford and Norma Shearer.

Well, I found out recently that they are remaking this film - bad idea! When will Hollywood learn that they do themselves and the viewing public a disservice by remaking classic films. Everything do not need to be "updated" and new...Is there suddenly a lack of original ideas from which to make movies?

I won't be seeing that when it comes out...sometimes they just need to leave well enough alone.