Movie Review - The Sitter

Friday night I made my friend B go with me to check out a screening of The Sitter, starring Jonah Hill.


Here's the synopsis from Yahoo:

Noah is a suspended college student, living at home with his single mom. When he is talked into babysitting the three, young, misfit kids next door, he decides to take them along on an attempted sexual rendezvous, and the night takes a wild and dangerous turn for the worse for which he is totally unprepared.

I immediately wanted to see this movie once I saw the commercials. When that little girl said "I let my haters be my motivators"? iDied from laughter. I just knew this movie was gonna be epic. Like The Hangover epic.

So basically Jonah Hill plays a loser fat guy in college, who is being taken advantage of by some skanky girl & can't get his stuff together. He gets roped into babysitting so his mom can go out & meet some guy, and a crazy night ensues. The kids are a mess, and Jonah Hill is trying to get some coke to the skank who he wants to be his girlfriend. In between all this completely impossible & illogical stuff that happens in the movie, there are a few little "accept yourself & be awesome, you're a winner!" moments sprinkled in.

Granted, I like Jonah Hill...but I always feel like he should be funnier than what he is. Even with Superbad, I didn't die laughing like other folks. And The Sitter left me feeling the same way. There were some comedic gems that were hilarious...but the laughs weren't non-stop like I expected.

Oh and in case it's not obvious - don't take a kid to see this movie. It's extremely inappropriate...considering the movie opens with Jonah Hill eating the skanky chick out. Fair warning folks...

The two highlights from the film: Method Man (who is still fine btw) and Jonah Hill's love interest (not the skanky girl) is a beautiful Black woman. Like seriously, I was like "damn she's fine". How often do you see that in a movie?

Overall, The Sitter left me wanting a lot more. It was like The Hangover 2 all over again - a film that over-promised & under-delivered when it came to the laughs. The little bit of eye candy couldn't compensate for the lack of laughs & completely unbelievable plot. Wait until you see this movie for $5 or less (like when it's at Redbox).

Did you see The Sitter? What did you think?