Movie Review - Premiere of "Young Adult"

Last week I got a chance to attend the premiere of Young Adult, the latest film from Diablo Cody & Jason Reitman. This film stars Charlize Theron & Patton Oswalt.

Back story - I'm a member of the Landmark Theater Movie Club and they sent an email out advertising a free screening for a new film opening in December. I was intrigued so I requested passes, and I got some #yay. My friend WL received passes as well, so we decided to go as a group of 4 with my friend E & also DN. While we stood in line, we were able to figure out that Jason Reitman was the director of the film, but we didn't have any additional details.

Once we got inside & got our seats, we waited about 15 minutes for the film to begin. Before the film started, both Jason Reitman & Diablo Cody came out to introduce the movie #score.

Young Adult is set in Minnesota - the film begins in Minneapolis with these beautiful shots of the downtown skyline, the 3rd Avenue & 35W bridges & the Mississippi River. There are also shots of the skyways & other areas downtown. I loved how they captured such beautiful images of Minneapolis.

This movie is the story of an anti-hero, a woman who peaked in high school & is tragically trying to recapture her glory days. This film is funny, but not in a comedic way. It's more of a dry wit & funny in the sense that it captures & highlights a situation that many people go through. I found myself relating to Charlize's character because I know people just like her. Plus you wanna see if she's gonna continue to be the "golden child" or if she's gonna crash & burn.

At the end of the film, Jason Reitman & Diablo Cody did a Q&A with the audience, which gave much more back story into how the film was made, the character & plot development, and why it was set in Minnesota.

And as a bonus, everyone at the screening received a movie poster for the film, which is personalized with the info from the screening.

I really enjoyed Young Adult, it's an entertaining film that anyone who grew up in the 90s can relate to. The writing is clever & witty, the acting is great & the images are beautiful. If you liked Juno or Up In The Air, you will enjoy Young Adult.

Check out the trailer:

Young Adult opens in December - check it out if you get a chance.