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Movie Review: "Hanna"


Yesterday I got a chance to check out Hanna, starrring Saoirse Rose, Eric Bana, and Cate Blanchett.

Hanna is the central character (played by Rose), a teenage girl who has been raised in the Artic woods all her life. She is a skilled hunter, trained fighter, speaks numerous languages, but she has never been exposed to the outside world. Her father (Bana) is an ex-CIA agent, and until the end of the film the audience doesn't have a clear idea of why he escaped civilization & chose to raise his daughter off the grid. For an unexplained reason, Hanna choses to re-introduce herself & her father to the outside world, by activating a tracking beacon that alerts the CIA, including her father's supervisor, who is played by Blanchett. The rest of the film is a action-filled cat-and-mouse chase involving Blanchett, Rose & Bana.

Plot-wise, this film is interesting, but the screenwriters did a lukewarm job of exploiting the various plot lines. The film could have been stronger if more time had been given to the CIA program that caused Bana's character to leave the CIA, and also why Blanchett was so intent on catching him & Hanna. This part of the story seemed to be glossed over, but highlighting it could have made it a better film. The plot did have some unbelievable moments, but not so much that it made the film horrible.

Given the less-than-stellar screenplay, the acting was appropriate for this film. The only thing that really bugged me was Blanchett's fake Southern accent - it seemed unnecessary & out of place in this film.

The best part of this film is obviously the action sequences. Lots of fast-paced action shots & fight scenes, which will satisfy any action junkie. No big explosions, but the hand-to-hand combat makes up for that.

Overall, Hanna was a good way for me to waste 2 hours in an otherwise uneventful Saturday evening. Not the best or worst movie I've ever seen, but good enough for a $10 movie ticket.

Have you seen Hanna? Thoughts?

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