More Stuff I'm Lovin....

*My new Abas clutch wallet

I've been hunting it for months (and that's because I'm cheap so I've been hitting all the TJ Maxx's once I discovered they sold them). I finally found one that was cute, its a beautiful iridescent color and its very roomy, and you can tell how good its made. I have a similar clutch from Nine West and it is not as fabulous, I'm sad to say. Oh well.

*This isn't really new, but I'm still loving my Gucci. I get so many compliments on it. Now I want a horsebit Gucci bag, so I'm obsessed with making that dream come true as well.

*My new favorite songs are:

  • Nelly featuring Usher - "Long Night" - The beat is sick (apparently Usher's brother produced it) and its got a sexy little feeling
  • T.Pain featuring Lil Wayne - "Can't Believe It" - Ok, yes I do hate Lil Wayne, but this is a hot song. And I don't even like T.Pain that much, but for some reason I LOVE the song.
  • Solange - "I Decided" - I heard this song when I was watching BET J and I was very surprised. Solange's sound has totally changed, and I'm looking forward to her album which is dropping on Tues.

*My new place! I am so excited that I'm moving back to civilization

*Brunch with the girls. We've gone the past couple of weeks and we've had a really good time. I like my little multicultural crew that I've got now.