Monday Morning Randomness

I've done maybe 5 random posts in 2012? I need to do better. Actually I need to do better at writing at all. I started the year not wanting to blog cause I didn't want to jinx my relationship with the Vegas dude. And then he was all "oh you should write whatever you want babe, it won't jinx us"...and then we broke up :-/And after that, I really wasn't into blogging...cause I didn't want to talk about yet another failed relationship. Somewhere along the way I lost my desire for it. But now I'm ready to get back to sharing my randomness besides on Twitter.

Last weekend I was in Phoenix & it was one of the best trips I've taken all year. Actually, it might be the best trip I've taken this year. The entire thing was a dream, both in terms of activities & the company. The only downside was my flight to Phoenix, when the white woman seated next to me accused me of stealing one of her drink coupons while she was asleep - I resisted the urge to call her a bitch & instead just stayed focus on my book. Anyway, Phoenix was beautiful, I had a blast with my friend & I even went hiking in the beautiful south Phoenix mountains for the first time.

Today marks 3 months in the new job! The verdict? Taking this new job was a smart move. I really enjoy almost everything about this new experience. I'm happy that I decided to leave the lab. I'm still using my technical skills, but instead of running instruments or having good laboratory techniques, I'm using my Six Sigma, project management & data analysis skills. I apply so much of what I used in my old job in the new job, which has helped me feel more "up to speed" & able to contribute to the team. I really like my team, everyone has been so welcoming & friendly. I work downtown now & it's so much better than working out in the burbs in a manufacturing facility. But it is not good for my wallet - I'm always seeing cute clothes, shoes & accessories & going out for lunch!

Got all my Christmas shopping done this weekend #yay - now to get to wrapping & shipping!

The first true snow of the season hit this weekend, so I spent all day Sunday sequestered in my apartment. It was beautiful to look at, but a bear to drive in this morning. And its cold! I realized this morning that I'm not equipped to be waiting for the bus so I will be getting more supplies this week.

Oh yeah, I take the bus now to work most days. I love it. I'll love it more when I don't have to drive to the park & ride site to catch the bus. Can't wait to move!

This fall has been a bit of a struggle for me, in dealing with my personal relationships. Basically, I felt like ppl who have been around for years just stopped giving a fuck abt me, to the point where complete strangers were more invested in my emotional health than so-called friends. And that shit hurt. A LOT. I take my personal relationships very seriously, they are important to me. I try to be a good friend, show loyalty, etc & it hurt me to see that wasn't reciprocated from folks. We should be better than that. But I'm in a better place about it all - gotta let folks go.

Ever see little reminders or indicators of how much you've changed? I've gone through that recently. I see growth in my life & I'm happy about that.

I want a Nexus 7. And a bigger food processor. And some new cookware. And some ankle boots. And more cute clothes & jewelry for work. *sigh*

Really looking forward to being home for Christmas - I haven't been home since Memorial Day weekend.

I'm debating if I want to do another half-marathon with Team In Training. Last year was great, and I know I could do the physical part. I'm worried abt the $$$ part. Thoughts?

Either way, it's all clean/Primal eating until the foreseeable future. I got lazy & it is showing. And now that I can buy cute clothes for work, I refuse to invest in things at my current size.

Anyway, what's new & random with you?