Men Putting Women On Blast - Justified Or Unmanly?

Tuesday morning I logged into Twitter like I do every morning, and my timeline was on fire, thanks to the antics of @JoeBudden (the rapper) and @Esther_Baxter (the video girl). Seems these two used to date & had a falling out, and decided to take shots at each other on Twitter. Sidenote: going back & forth with your S/O or ex on Twitter, FB or anything else public is just bad biz. Just say no ppl. At one point Joe Budden threatened to Twitpic some intimate pics of Esther Baxter. I saw reactions that ranged from anticipation of the pic (I worry abt some of yall) to condemnation of Joe, his behavior, & categorizing it as unmanly, bitch-made, etc.


Is it unmanly, bitchmade, etc for a man to strike out at his ex by airing out all her dirty laundry in public?

Clearly Joe has a history of this - he's been known for talking about his ex's like Tahiry & Somaya Reese. Sidenote: why do chicks keep fucking with him? You see how he treated the last five broads but you think it wont happen to you? Dummy. Public shaming of his ex's seems to be Joe's modus operandi. I've observed a couple other examples of men airing out women recently, and I wonder how prevalent it is.

One case involves another Twitter beef *sigh*.  A Twitter flirtation led to a pic exchange, and when things went bad, the pics (of the woman, who had a bf btw) were posted on a blog. In another case, the ex-boyfriend of the rapper Charli Baltimore made a Youtube vid saying some very unnice things about her & recounting some very embarrassing information about her.

In both of cases, I saw the same two reactions - either the women should have acted in a manner that would have prevented said airing out (especially in the case of the chick sending pics to a dude that wasn't her man), or the man was always wrong & wack to pull such a stunt, no matter what the woman did.

Granted it's never a good move to act a monkey with someone who has the power to put you & your biz on front street. But does the perceived slight/betrayal/offense justify the public shaming of another person? Is this behavior even more unacceptable because it comes from a man? For a lot of folks, the answer is "yes".

I get it - hurt people do irrational things & act out. But this airing out of all your ex's biz in an attempt to hurt them seems so petty & juvenile. And yes, grown men should be above that. It seems like the equivalent of women who will mess up a guy's car after the relationship goes bad. And don't mistake me, I expect grown women to be above that petty behavior as well.

Is putting your ex on front street the new hot thing for the fellas? Or is it wack & they should be ashamed of themselves? Is this a simple case of payback or something more?