Memorial Day Weekend Recap

I haven't done a recap post in a while, so here you go... Last Monday, my homie LM hit me up & said "I don't want to be in Orlando for Memorial Day, can I come visit?"  You know I said "OF COURSE!"  I was so excited, even though I saw here in March, it seems like its been longer.  She arrived on Friday morning & stayed until Tuesday.

Friday was a hellish day for me in the office...nothing was going right, I was ready to leave & start my weekend, and I was overall just stressed out & unhappy.  So I just said "fuck it" and dipped out early to start my weekend.  I'm so glad I did that, cause I needed to have some fun.  Friday night LM & I hit Mall of America to see SATC 2 & have some dinner.  Dinner was great, movie was trash.  I'm sad to see the SATC franchise jump the shark, because I loved the show so much & I was a big fan.  The movie doesn't capture any of the qualities that fans loved of the show.  It was just one longass commercial for fashion & other assorted trinkets, and of course, for Morocco (the place where they actually filmed, not Abu Dhabi).  And I was highly annoyed how they stereotyped the Middle East & its residents, especially the women.  I was also pissed because some idiot woman decided that her child needed to see SATC (WTF?  What kind of a horrible parent are you lady?) & you know I hate kids in movies, especially adult-themed movies.  She should have went to Shrek 3 instead.  Anyway, we also made a trip to Sephora, where I discovered Flowerbomb perfume and Lorac bronzer - how did I not know about either of these things?  I was out the loop but I'm caught up now.

Saturday LM & I hit the Twins game with my new friends S & D.  Target Stadium (the new home for the Twins) is beautiful & I really enjoyed going to the game.  I missed having experiences like this when I lived in Orlando.  Anyway, I had plenty of ballpark food & beer, which was necessary cause it was ridiculously hot on 92 degrees or something...and the section we were sitting in wasn't covered, so we had no relief from the sun.  But I had a great time, and my hair was cute that day (chunky twistout) so I was happy.  After a shower & a nap, LM, S & I headed to the casino for late-night bingo.  Bingo was wack ($100 prizes, WTF?) but S did teach me how to play blackjack (don't judge me) and I also discovered she's a fellow gambler.

Sunday was outlet shopping day, most of the stores had 40% off or more.  I got a bunch of cute stuff from Banana Republic, and a cute clutch from Kenneth Cole.  I didn't spend as much as I thought I would, which was a good thing.  Monday was a lazy day, we just went to Lake Calhoun, walked around a bit & people watched.  I sat on a bench with my knitting & watched folks go by.  Warm weather brings all kinds of folks out, and the people watcher in me, loves it.  I also saw some great eye candy running around the lake too.

LM left today, I was sad to see her go, but I'm just glad she came at all.  I wasn't sure how I was going to spend my Memorial Day weekend, & she made it a great one.

How was your weekend?