Making A New Place Feel Like Home

I struggle with writing consistently, so I'm trying the #31writenow challenge. Let's see how I far I get. A few weeks ago, I moved to a new apartment. My reasons for moving were twofold: my old place had gotten far too expensive, and it was also not convenient for commuting downtown for work. Because it wasn't on a bus line (something I never even considered when I first moved in back in 2010) I had to drive to a park&ride location to catch the bus downtown for work. It was annoying to hop in the car to park my car outside, when I'd rather leave it in the garage each day. When my last renewal offer came with a price tag I wasn't willing to pay, I knew it was time to leave. I had gripes about my old place - the walls were paper-thin, it didn't have a lot of guest parking - but it had been my home for almost 4 years.

My new apartment satisfies my two biggest reasons for moving - it's cheaper and on a bus line. It also included a garage spot in my rent, and I enjoy walking out of my building and hopping on the bus, leaving my car parked all day. But it's been an adjustment, embracing new living quarters. My new place isn't "new" at all, the property is actually pretty old. Its been maintained ok, but after a certain age, you can just tell how old a place is. I was having trouble feeling like my new place was "home" and I knew I needed to make some upgrades to feel comfy in my new place.

So far I've done the following - with the gracious help of a very good friend:

  • installed a faucet filter in the kitchen which I use for everything, not just drinking water;
  • installed a key rack next to the front door, to hang my keys & other small items;
  • installed lighting above the sink in the kitchen, under the cabinets;
  • hung a small clock over the kitchen sink;
  • installed a bathroom cabinet, because my bathroom had no medicine cabinet (how is that possible???);
  • upgraded the shower head;
  • changed the toilet seat;
  • replaced the hinges on the bathroom door (they were rusty & caked with dirt, yuck!);
  • lined all the cabinets in the kitchen and linen closet with grippy material;
  • installed sticky LED lights in my bedroom closets;
  • purchased new pillows for my sectional;
  • got new stackable containers for various small items, since my bathroom also doesn't have any drawers.

Just doing this little things have made a world of difference in my new place. Especially in the bathroom. It looks so much better and I feel so much more comfortable now.

I'm still unpacking unfortunately - I haven't touched the books and DVDs yet. I also still need to buy things to finish organizing the kitchen, and hang my pictures. But I'm finally beginning to feel like my new place is home.