Listen to this...

Listen to this song...remember this? [youtube=]

What a great song!

I was going through some old mix CD's that were unmarked, trying to figure out what was on them, when I heard this song. I had to stop what I was doing, and dance, and then I had to listen to it again and really pay attention to the words.

What a great song, and what a great theme. Enjoy your life, make the most of what you have, enjoy each experience to the fullest, don't focus on the negative things in your life, celebrate the beautiful.

I'm going to keep that message with me as I go about my 26th year of life, and I hope you keep it with you.

And BTW, where the heck is Teedra?!? I love her! I read on the Internets that she's working on a new album "Young Lioness"....I need that to come out STAT!