Let's Do The Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge!

Last year, I discovered Mark's Daily Apple and the Primal lifestyle. I jumped in with both feet & really fell in love. It's a lifestyle that emphasizes clean eating & healthy living in a way that worked for me. Thanks to the Primal lifestyle I've lost over 50 pounds, and become much healthier. While I love the Primal lifestyle, I've found myself slacking this summer. I started traveling & whatnot, and before I knew it, my workout routine was off-track & more junk was making its way onto my plate. I really needed something to help me get back on track, which is why I'm so excited that the Primal Blueprint 30-Day Challenge is beginning on September 12.

So what is this challenge all about? It's a time to commit to the Primal lifestyle & give it 100% effort for 30 days. Unfamiliar with Primal? That's ok, this graphic gives you the highlights:

Since the challenge begins on Monday, I'll be preparing over the weekend by stocking my kitchen & checking out some new recipes on some of my favorite Primal blogs. I'll also take some before photos & take my measurements. During the challenge I plan to track my food to get a gauge of my protein/carb/fat intakes. For exercise I'll be walking & also attending yoga classes at a local studio. At the end of the 30 days I'll take pics & measurements to see how I've done. And by the end of 30 days, I'll be back on track with the Primal lifestyle.

So who wants to do this with me? If you've wanted to explore the Primal lifestyle or just start on the path to clean eating, this is a great time to do it!