Ladies, It's Ok To Approach A Man

This is another Twitter inspired post. On Wednesday I was checking out the conversation for #MDMW - that's the hashtag for Modern Day Matchmaker Wednesday. The host Paul Carrick Bronson (@onedegreefromme) does a segment each Wednesday where a bachelor or bachelorette takes questions from the Twitter audience, and if you like them, you can ask to be matched up with them. It's definitely become popular & has sparked some interesting conversations. During this week's installment of #MDMW the topic of a woman approaching a man came up. During the Twitter conversation, I saw a lot of the same responses on the topic that I hear IRL. Things like

"The man is supposed to chase the woman" or

"The right man will find me" or even

"God will bring me my mate".

Ladies...#noshade if you truly feel this way. Everyone's entitled to their opinion. But just keep this in mind if you haven't been out on a date since GWB was in office - it's perfectly fine for a woman to approach a man.

I'm not advocating that y'all get uber-thirsty & start handing your # out to every random on the street. That's not what Jubi is saying at all. I'm talking about situations that happen a lot - you're at the bar/bookstore/wine&cheese/whatever & you spot a cutie eying you. You don't do the dumb move a lot of women do & look away (ugh I hate that! but I digress..), you return his gaze & even smile at him. We all know a woman smiling at a man is the International Symbol for "come talk to me & you won't get shot down immediately". But some men either haven't gotten that far in the dating handbook, or maybe he's afraid of rejection, or maybe he's not sure what to say or a million other reasons. A lot of women will be trying to tell that man to come talk to her via telepathy...but that stuff doesn't work. So you have two choices, either go say hi or let him get away & then complain about it to your friends later.

Me? I'm a #gogetter, and I'm not constrained by these silly gender rules. I've approached plenty of men & I will continue to do so. Granted, I'm a very extroverted person & I have no problem speaking to anyone at any time. There's been several men who have been happy that I've approached them first, and took the pressure off them. I have some male friends who shared with me their angst when it comes to approaching a woman & sparking conversation, so I know a lot of men struggle with this.  You can't go wrong with a simple "Hi" or "Hello" & a smile, especially with the dimples. Generally a man will take it from there. So for all you ladies who are afraid anti-approaching a man, you can't be anti-"hello" right? Try it out!

Thoughts? Should the ladies be willing to approach men sometimes?