Labels suck

Not labels in Blogger, but labels that people put on themselves and others. I know that labels are necessary, its so much easier for the human brain to put people in categories and boxes. But what sucks is when you are labeled something that you don't agree with, or put in a box that doesn't fit for you...Like you're a square peg in a round hole.

The label that irks me the most is religion, mostly because I think that one word or idea can't begin to describe what someone believes in. Yet people constantly talk about wanting to be affiliated with "like-minded individuals" and "equally yoked", yet they seldom truly investigate what that other person believes. Its almost like a game of Religious Go-Fish.

Person #1: Hey, are you a Christian?

Person #2: No, I'm Jewish - GO FISH!

Person #3: Hey, are you a Buddhist?

Person #4: Yes I am! MATCH!

*Person #3 and Person #4 ride off into the sunset*

Its like if you don't hear the magic phrase, then you're automatically disqualified. That makes no sense to me, and its like throwing the baby out with the bathwater. There are plenty of people who claim to believe in a certain thing, or subscribe to a particular ideology, but their behavior and expressed opinions would never demonstrate that. And conversely, there are plenty of people who manifest the particular ideology they subscribe to, but choose to not put a label on what they believe, for whatever reason. Maybe it is because they know that a label means nothing without action and belief behind it.

I realize that its very easy to go with labels, and keep it moving. But in the process, you miss a lot of great people that way, because you are looking for label "A" at all costs. What happens when you find a person who claims to be an "A" but does everything that is the opposite of what "A" stands for? Do you keep them around anyway, since they claim to fit in the box that you had all ready for them? Or do you throw them out and start all over?

All of this is leading me to say that I'm subscribing to labels right now. Its just not in me at this moment. I know what I believe and what I don't, and I'm using that as my guide. But I'm not going to try to fit into anyone's catagories except my own. Those are the only ones that matter anyway. If I don't fit into someone's box, well then I guess its their loss. I'm doing me.