Kicking it with the MBA's

This past week, the National Black MBA Association had their annual convention in Orlando. BTW, that is the only good thing about living in Orlando, this is a great place for conventions/conferences so during those times its fun to hang out. Anyway, my soror T called me and asked if I wanted to hit the events on Friday, so I agreed, got cute (in a pair of pants that used to be too small, yay!) and headed over. Well, first I stopped to see an old "friend" B, who I've known since my undergrad days. He used to the cutest thing ever, but now....not so much. He's getting old, and he has braids, and we all know how much I'm not really a fan of the cornrows on men. We wound up driving over together and hit the hotel for the parties.

There were SOOOOO many people was like a NSBE convention, but with older folks. But I was so surprised at the lack of cuties at the convention...Not to say that all the guys were ugly, but there seemed to be a disproportionate number of short men, fat men, and just unattractive men there. Maybe all the cuties stayed home. Anyway, I ran into several people I knew, met some new folks, and had a great time. I wound up calling it a night around 2AM cause my feet were killing me and I was tired.

Saturday night I hit another party, which actually wasn't a MBA convention event, but that a lot of MBA people wound up going to. I got there late (cause I forgot I had to go to the ATM but I didn't want to get out of the car so I had to find a drive-up one) and wound up running into a co-worker RJ...Imagine my surprise to find out he was a fraternity man. Anyway, I wound up kicking it with him and his frat brothers all night, and they were a hilarious bunch. The party was cool, even though there were a ton of chicks (and a lot of those chicks were busted, ugh!) but I had a good time. Once again I rolled out around 2:30AM, but wound up staying up and out all freaking night. I didn't get to bed until around 10:30AM.

Overall, fun times hanging out this weekend. Too bad Orlando isn't like that more often.

Oh and I'm getting braids this Friday! I'm so excited...