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Welcome to my little corner of Al Gore’s Internet. I’m Jareesa - I’m a scientist, a freelance writer, a knitter, wife to LM, mom to #BabyPi, and more. I love Queen Bey, squishy yarn, watching GBBO, and attempting to bake. Sometimes I rant, sometimes I rave, but I always tell the truth.

Just for LK...

I saw this link about finding out about your past lives on another board, so I clicked it. http://www.thebigview.com/pastlife/

This is the answer I got:

Your past life diagnosis: I don't know how you feel about it, but you were male in your last earthly incarnation.You were born somewhere in the territory of modern Borneo around the year 1675. Your profession was that of a designer, engineer or craftsman.

Your brief psychological profile in your past life: Seeker of truth and wisdom. You could have seen your future lives. Others perceived you as an idealist illuminating path to future.

The lesson that your last past life brought to your present incarnation: Your lesson is to develop a kind attitude towards people, and to acquire the gift of understanding and compassion. Do you remember now?

HA! So I guess even the Universe wants me to be a nice girl? But how?

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