Jubi's Trip Home - A Recap Of The Antics and Comedy

I'm back from MI! I had a great time when I was at home, and as usual, it was too-short a trip. Let's start the recapping, shall we?


I actually managed to get some work done, because I needed to get things squared-away with my technician before I left. After work, I hit the last Timberwolves game of the season with DN & a couple of ladies from my Meetup group. Game and team sucked, so we headed downstairs to our fave sports bar to see our fave bartender. We had a bit of a run-in with some random dudes who think calling me "bougie" is a diss (it's not btw). After several rounds of drinks & shots, I asked our bartender friend for the bill - and was amped to discover that he charged us FIVE WHOLE DOLLARS for all the drinks we had #winning. I don't care why he did it, but I heart him...it pays to be friends with a coolass bartender.


Pretty uneventful until I got to the airport. There were some delays in my original flight, so I was booked onto another & literally had to run across half the airport in about 10 mins in order to make it. Yeah...I need to work out more! But I made it to Detroit, but sadly before my bag, so I had to get it delivered to my mom's house. I stopped by my mom's house for a bit, and then I headed out to meet my friend CH. CH & I met when I was in Atlanta - he worked at my fave coffee shop on Auburn Ave & we've remained friends since. CH took me to the cutest little restaurant, the Soup Spoon Cafe, where I had some yummy soup & the best seafood risotto I've ever had. We then headed to a bar down the street, where he introduced me to a drink called a Purple Rain. Apparently its like a Long Island, but replace the tequila & Coke with Chambord & Sprite. Very #yummy, which is deceptive - you keep drinking & are totally oblivious to how drunk you are. Anyway, great times with CH & I was happy to see him.


Delta delivered my bag bright & early #yay so I able to get dressed & go have lunch with my mom & auntie at one of my fave hometown spots, Dimitri's. BTW, I'm a huge fan of Detroit-style coney dogs, and I also try to have as many as I can while I'm at home #random. After lunch I went over to my sister's for a bit, she wasn't feeling well & I hadn't seen her on my last trip home so I wanted to make sure I saw her. After that, Mom wanted to hit a new casino that had just opened, so I indulged her & we went. It was itty bitty & I couldn't get on the damn $5 Blackjack table #boooo but I did discover that there is a Sex and the City slot machine! Who knew?

After the casino, I chilled for a bit before I went out with my friend JC for his birthday. JC & I went to high school together, & he's one of the few ppl from high school I still talk to. We hit a downtown restaurant/bar for drinks & to catch up, since I hadn't seen him in over a year. The place we hit, Edmund's, had these amazing adult shakes, which have liquor in them! #yum


I packed up my stuff, hung with mom for a bit, and then headed over to my sister's for some quality time. My sister is the baby, and she's now 21...it kind of blows my mind how she's now really an adult in every way. After hanging with my sister for a bit, I hit the road to make it to @LisaLisa1908's graduation happy hour in the D. Somehow I was the first one there, even though I was late & had to drive 70+ miles! But I had a lovely time, especially since I got to meet @CocoaLure!

Cocoa & I hit another spot after the happy hour, where I met @Brotha2thaNite & I swear those two are made for each other, but they not hearing me. After drinks with those two, I met up with my Twitter crush, who I went out with the last time I was at home. I was all set to hang with him for the rest of the night...until I discovered that he thought of me as a "white acting black girl who was ready to get it in". How did I discover this? I read a text on his phone. And I don't feel bad about it either - I'm glad I found out how he felt about me, and he should have just been honest with me instead of having me thinking we both liked each other. Crush over. I told him I didn't wanna kick it & I slept off all the liquor instead.


I started my day with breakfast with my Dad & stepmom. For several years my Dad & I hadn't gotten along, but we reconciled last July & I'm happy that our relationship is so much better now. We had a long breakfast & caught up, and I could really see that my Dad has learned to love & accept me for who I am. That used to be our biggest source of conflict - he wanted me to be something I'm not & I felt he should love me as I am. I'm happy to say that now we're on the same page :grin:

I spent the rest of my day, and really my trip, at my brother's, hanging with my nieces & nephew. My nieces had just turned 2, and they are absolutely adorable & hilarious. And my nephew, that's my fat man! He's only 5 months but he wears 9 month clothes! He is just the happiest baby, anytime you look at him & talk to him he just dissolves into a million giggles. I love hanging out with my little people and as usual they didn't disappoint with the comedy.


I had an uneventful trip to the airport, but getting back to Mpls was another matter. First my plane was late getting to Detroit. Then when we finally boarded, there was a broken smoke detector in the cargo area & they had to fix it. I swear I thought we would never get off the ground, but we finally did & I finally made it back to Mpls.

I had a great time at home, and somehow I managed to do 90% of all the things I planned to do #yay. I won't be home again until probably October for my mom's 50th birthday party, so I was happy I got a chance to see my family.