Jubi's End of the Year Reflection...

So its about 5 1/2 hours from 2008, and I realized that I hadn't done my end of the year reflection yet. Let's go back to the end of 2006, and see how I was feeling:

Can you believe that we're almost a few days away from 2007? 2006 went by in a blur, it seems like the year just started. This time last year I was recuperating from breaking my neck to finish chemistry research, and enjoying the start of a new relationship....And in that year I've gone through so many changes, so many ups and downs, but I made it through all of them...I look back, and I think I've gone and matured, so overall 2006 was a positive year.

I hope that everyone ends 2006 on a positive note and that they carry that positive vibe into 2007...I know I will be trying to focus on the positive and accomplish some goals in the coming year....

In the next post, which came after the new year, I decided to relax on my love life and also lose some weight. Well, I sort of did both of those. I did lose some weight, but I've learned that even though WW gave me a good starting point, I can't do it on my own. So I'm going back, and I'm staying until I get to where I want to be. As for the love life...well that's been up and down, just like my moods. But I've come to terms and peace with where I am romantically. IT just hasn't happened yet, and I'm ok with that. Mama L told me to have fun until IT does happen, and so far that's what I'm doing and that's what I'm going to continue to do. And FS told me to stop analyzing and trying to control things, and just let them flow, and I'm really trying to do that.

As for the rest of my life, the key word for 2008 is DISCIPLINE: training to improve strength or self-control. I truly feel that its the one thing lacking in my life, and the one thing that I used to possess that I don't anymore. I miss it, I need it, and I think I could step my game up 10x higher if I was more disciplined in certain areas of my life. So DISCIPLINE is the only "resolution" I'm making this year.

All in all, I'd say its been a good year. More productive in certain areas than others, but overall I think I'm made progress. I'm further along in my life than I was a year ago. Now the plan is just to keep striving towards the next plateau.

I wish you all a blessed and prosperous 2008!