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Jubi Cooks! The Pesto-Topped Salmon and Sauteed Kale Edition

During the week I try to cook things that can be made in 30 minutes or less. Because after spending 9 hours in a job I don't like, and getting my workout in, I don't want to spend all night making dinner. If I don't have quick go-to meals, I will eat out & then all my hard work will go to waste....so I learned how to make quick easy things that are yummy, filling & healthy. This is one of my easy go-to meals - salmon & a veggie or two. In this case, I've topped my salmon with some pesto to give some extra flavor & I'm doing a sauteed kale, which is my favorite way to eat kale.

You need:

  • salmon - fresh or frozen & thawed, doesn't matter
  • pesto - you can make your own, or I recommend the Trader Joe brand if you like store-bought. Experiment.
  • kale - there are different varieties, find the one you like
  • garlic - 2 cloves, chopped
  • veggie stock - about 1/2 cup
  • red wine vinegar - 2 or 3 Tbsp, but you can adjust based on taste
  • olive oil - 1 or 2 Tbsp should be sufficient

First, preheat your oven. It should be set on the broil setting. Grab a baking sheet to cook your salmon on.

As I mentioned, you can use any variety of kale that you like. This week I decided to use dinosaur kale.

If you've never cooked kale, its super easy to prep - just wash & cut off the stems. I then chop it into smaller pieces for easier cooking.

Next you want to chop your garlic. Or you could use pre-chopped garlic if you have some of that handy. After chopping, grab a sautee pan & heat your oil in it. When its nice & hot, throw in your garlic & allow it cook but not brown, so you shouldn't need to cook it that long.

Once the garlic is done, add your chopped kale & the veggie stock. If you don't have any stock handy, you can just use plain water. I prefer to use stock though for added flavor. Once you've added the kale & the stock, cover the pan & let cook for 5 minutes.

While the kale is cooking, grab your salmon & put it on your baking sheet. BTW, I like to line my sheet with aluminum foil for easier cleanup #tip. Now take your pesto & add some to the top of my salmon. Be as generous or stingy as you like. I tried out this new artichoke & lemon pesto this week, and it was yummy.

Once you've added the pesto, you can pop your baking sheet into the oven. Cook the salmon to your preferred level of doneness, but it shouldn't take long at all.

Now back to the kale - by now it should look like this when you take the lid off...

Allow it cook a couple minutes more with the lid off, but essentially its done! You want the leaves to be wilted & softened but not like mush either. Transfer to a bowl & toss with the red wine vinegar.

Once your salmon is done to your liking, you can remove it from the oven. All done!

Here's my finished plate. A quick delicious & healthy meal on a weekday night.


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