Taking My Talents (And Blog) To A New Home

Yes I know, it's been a long time since I've written for myself. I've had lots of thoughts, and a few Twitter rants, but each time I sat down to write on my blog, something felt...off. It didn't feel right. I lost motivation to write even though I needed to. I did write for a few freelance gigs (yay!) but writing for myself just wasn't something I was interested in doing...at least not on the old blog. 

I finally figured out why I had such an aversion to blogging - my site didn't feel like it fit anymore. Both technically and thematically. I'm not a girl anymore, and I'm definitely not lost (or unlost). I've figured a lot of things out between when I started that blog and now, and I needed my site to reflect that. I also grew really tired of dealing with self-hosted Wordpress, and I wanted a new solution. 

You know how you hear about something for awhile but it takes a bit to finally try it out? That was me and Squarespace. I heard their ads every week on my favorite podcasts, but I didn't think I had a need for their services. I started casually thinking about trying them out once I began to secure freelance writing gigs - I knew I needed to set up a personal portfolio site and I didn't want the hassle of Wordpress or self-hosting once again. By sheer coincidence, my friends at A Practical Wedding reached out and asked if I was interested in doing a piece for their series with Squarespace, about setting up a portfolio website. Talk about serendipity! That was finally my kick in the pants to test out Squarespace and see if setting up a website was truly as easy as they claim. 

Turns out, it was easier than I expected. I spent weeks building my Wordpress blog, but setting up my Squarespace site took only a couple of hours. My biggest delay was convincing my husband to take a few photos of me for my new website. The clean templates are totally my style, and they provide a ton of tools to help you. In one day, I had a brand new site complete with domain registration - score!

After the ease to put together my personal site, I was ready to move my blog over as well. Originally I planned to transfer my domain as well, but when I really thought about it, I knew that I needed to start fresh, with a new name and branding. Black Girl Unlost chronicled some important years in my life, but I've moved on from that place. I stopped blogging semi-anonymously, and I no longer fear writing under my name. I don't want to be niche blog as I plan to continue to write about whatever strikes my fancy. After spending a new hours thinking of a name, I settled on JTM Writes - simple, right?

So welcome to this new place! My goal is to write on a regular schedule, about a variety of subjects. There will be some personal stuff, but also my thoughts on a variety of subjects, from pop culture to intersectional feminism. 

Welcome to JTM Writes - thanks for reading!