Its only Wednesday...

But its already been one helluva week, and I mean that in the bad sense. I don't know what happened - I had such a nice vacation and then I get back to FL and everything goes to hell in a handbasket.
Monday was horrible, and I wouldn't have expected it. I started out the day by actually getting out of bed after only hitting snooze once (that's like a record for me), got dressed, even put on a little makeup, had breakfast, and left the house on time. Drive to work was a little crowded, but I made it in on time. Got in, checked VM and email, made a few calls, read the news and blogs and whatnot, and then headed into the lab.
Here's where it all started to go downhill. I chopped it up with my labmate, and then decided to run a sample. The instrument that I needed to use, the XRF, was set at the lowest setting, which requires vacuum or a helium flush for liquid samples. Well my slow behind puts the water sample in the XRF, but doesn't check to see whether its set for vacuum or helium (cause I needed the helium). I start it and then walk away, since it normally takes a few minutes for the run to finish. Well, I get back and the instrument is tripping. Its pulling vacuum and that's when I go "Uh Oh" and I see that the "detector overheat" light is blinking. That's right folks, I broke the instrument. We couldn't even get it open for two days cause it couldn't vent due to the water in the chamber. And the water damaged the detector, so we have to get a new one. Overall it wasn't that bad, since we have service contracts to cover this sort of situation, but I felt bad cause it was such a stupid thing for me to do. I just wasn't paying attention.
So let's fast forward to the other sucky part of the night. I was making dinner (crab cakes, yellow rice and salad) and doing quite well. I have these new Cutco knives which are extremely sharp (I'm sure you can tell where I'm going with this story, but I'mma continue anyway) and I'm over here slicing my romaine, when all of a sudden I get a sharp pain in my middle finger. I see I cut it, I stick my finger in my mouth, but that shit hurts! Normally cuts don't hurt when you suck on them, so I know something is tragically wrong with my finger. I get to the bathroom and start trying to clean it up, and that's when I realize that I've chopped off a little chunk of my finger. Luckily I have this big bandages from the last injury I gave myself, so I was able to throw some Neosporin on my finger and wrap it up to stop the bleeding. I don't think I'mma need stitches which is the good thing, cause I was worried I would bleed to death.

Apparently I need to be more careful.