Its been a long time....

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know I haven't blogged. Sue me. I've been busy and whatnot. Let's see....last week I went to West Palm for a training for work on my new instrument. It was great to get away from the plantation for a week, but by the end of the week I was ready to get back to my own bed. The bed at the hotel was too firm, and the pillows were too soft...I like a soft bed and firm pillows. Speaking of beds, Ikea is having a bed sale so I'm getting a new bed, yay!

Anyway, my training was great, I'm so excited to get back to my lab and really get to work with my instrument. And I have to get back to the project I'm managing, we should be ready to start Phase II now, if folks were actually doing what they were supposed to do while I was gone. We'll see if that happened.

In other news, Valentine's Day was last week, and surprisingly I did not have a sucky Valentine's Day, at all. I got presents! So RD got me a giftcard to Nine West, which is absolutely amazingly perfect and I'm so happy he did that. And then I got a jasmine gift set from The Body Shop which smells so good, and that came from someone who I'm not sure about...And the new guy, JF, sent me flowers to my hotel which was very sweet.

Aight, so now my two faithful readers have stopped cause they don't know who JF is. Well, remember when RD and I had a falling out and then ended up at the same party? So the guy who was showing me some attention at that party has been pursuing me hardcore, and its been pretty interesting. At first I was hella skeptical, but I guess I'm coming around. I'm coming around enough to talk on the phone or whatnot. So anyway, he sent me flowers. Truthfully, not the most fabulous flowers I've ever received, but I was happy to receive them just the same.

Let's see...nothing else to report....

Oh, I saw "Jumper" this weekend...another fucking horrible movie. No plot development, no character development, just relied on the CGI effects (which were great, but CGI does not a movie make, damn). I was expecting so much more and I got let down, again *sigh*

Outside of the SATC movie (which I'm counting down for, yay!) I'm looking forward to seeing The Other Boleyn Girl...and it better be both historically accurate and true to the book or I'mma be hella disappointed and I'm never going the movies again.