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Is "Tricking Off" A Gender Neutral Activity Now?

Have you heard the new Brandy - Monica collaboration, It All Belongs To Me?

In this gem of a song, the ladies let their boothang(s) know that he needs to leave his laptop, bags, car, etc behind & just take what he came with, because "it all belongs to me" (or is it them, since they are both singing this song? I digress...).

Is this the new version of Beyonce's Irreplaceable? Similar theme right - leave the stuff I bought you & get out cause you fucked up.

I might be out of the loop here...but are there really women buying men cars, clothes, laptops & other assorted trinkets in exchange for the longstroke & some companionship? Like really? I am so amazed. You always here about men who do these things, and for some folks it's expected behavior. But how often do you hear about a woman tricking off on a man?

I admit - this is behavior that I just don't understand. Sure, I've bought a few presents. I've paid for some dinners. But financing a lifestyle? Naw, Jubi can't even get down like that. For one, I'm not ballin like that. And for two, any dude that would let me finance his lifestyle isn't my type of guy anyway. Honestly, I wouldn't even be cool with the reverse situation - sure I joke about finding a sugar daddy, but if the opportunity ever presented itself, I'd be too weirded out & uncomfortable to allow it to happen. Sure it would be nice to be a lady of leisure, but I would never actually go for it.

The only guy who would be getting high-priced and/or regular gifts from me, would be my husband. Buying the affections of some random guy seems like the fastest route to heartbreak.

So...where are all these women who are tricking off? Cause I don't know any of these chicks. Are there women out here tricking off on random dudes, or is this one of those totally unrealistic scenarios presented by the music industry?


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