Is It Spring Yet?

It's been one long-ass winter! The first snow hit Minneapolis at the beginning of November, and I swear it snowed every week! Just snow on top of snow on top of snow...not that I got a snow day or anything this year *sigh*. The worst part about this winter was that I had no one to keep me warm or entertain me during those numerous blizzards.

Minneapolis is the type of city that is just a joy in the spring & summer. It is a beautiful city to socialize in. See that picture up there? That's really what it looks like in the spring, and I love love love it. Trees & flowers are in full bloom, bright green grass, birds are chirping, all that stuff. As it gets warmer, people come out of hibernation & really start to be social again. The rooftops & patios open, the lakes are packed with people, and every weekend there's a festival or other outdoor social activity.

I'm definitely looking forward to another active spring & summer in Mpls. Last summer I practically lived on rooftops & patios, and at the various lakes in the Twin Cities. After a long cold never-ending winter, spring is more than overdue.

Are you looking forward to the spring? What are you looking forward to?