I'm Back In The Dating Game

Since the end of January, I hadn't been dating. What started out as a coincidence became something that I really needed in my life. I needed the time out - mostly to really recover from the situations with the attorney & the Vegas dude. My heart needed time to heal, I needed time to remind myself of how awesome I am, and I just needed to chill out for a bit. It was a good run...but I'm back in the game :grin:

I missed dating. For me, most of the time it's been fun; I've gone on very few bad dates. After coming back from vacation, I decided that I was ready to be social again, and last night I had the first date since my self-imposed dating hiatus ended.

Last night's date was with a new guy that I met recently. We decided to have an early dinner at Uptown Cafeteria, which is one of my favorite spots in Minneapolis. They have a fabulous rooftop which is where I usually dine, but thanks to this oppressive heatwave, we dined inside. My date was abt 20 mins late, which did not make a good impression on me (Yall know I hate when dates are late, remember the guy who was 70 mins late for our first date? Not a good look).

So we had some drinks & dinner & chatted for a bit. He seems like a nice guy - 33, former Marine & police officer, enjoys reading, blah blah blah. I enjoyed myself, enough though I didn't necessarily feel a "spark" or immediate chemistry. After we ate, he walked me to my car, we did the good-bye hug thing, and I was out...and then I got a text about 10 mins later, from him saying that he wasn't ready for the evening to end. Ummm...I'm not a mind reader, so if someone wants to continue, they should let me know right? After a phone conversation we met up at Spyhouse Coffee Shop. By this time it was cooler so we sat outside & chatted some more. One thing about the new guy, he's a big complainer. I don't know if he's just anti-everything or if that's just his personality, but I can see that wearing thin with me pretty quickly. Yall know I have little patience for people who just whine & don't try to change their situation. He complained a lot about the Twin Cities, but during conversation it was clear that he hasn't been out in the Cities to really take advantage of any of the amazing things to do here.

By 9pm I was yawning, so he walked me to my car once again, which was now parked in front of a tattoo shop. I had remarked to him that I needed to get my wrist tattoo touched up, and that comment sparked a 45 min discussion with the tattoo staff. So now I have an appointment to get my tat touched up #yay. Once it was finally time to go, we said our good-bye's and he asked if he could give me a good night kiss. My reply? My patented cheek kiss move ;-)

So did I have a good time? Yes. Did he lose some points for being late? Yup. Would I see him again? Sure. After all, it was a just a date. Nothing more, nothing less. No expectations or commitments. If I see him again, it will be just another date.

I'm glad I'm off the bench & back in the game. I missed dating.