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Welcome to my little corner of Al Gore’s Internet. I’m Jareesa - I’m a scientist, a freelance writer, a knitter, wife to LM, mom to #BabyPi, and more. I love Queen Bey, squishy yarn, watching GBBO, and attempting to bake. Sometimes I rant, sometimes I rave, but I always tell the truth.

I'm a fraud...

I mentioned in my last post that JG came over and spent part of Thanksgiving with me. He's studying for the MCAT, and we were discussing science, and I mentioned to him all the stuff that I DON'T remember from organic chemistry.

The funny part is that my training is in organic/polymer synthesis and characterization....that's right, 2 degrees, 6 years and I don't remember a lot of stuff.

To prove just how little I remembered about organic chemistry, he pulled out his MCAT study guide, and we went through some of the problems. So the book had both a general chemistry section and an organic chemistry section. I actually did good on the gen chem stuff, but then again, I've been doing it since like junior year of high school.

The O Chem section kicked my ass though! For the life of me I cannot remember stuff like the difference between a SN1 and a SN2 reaction, or what makes a good leaving group, and don't even think about asking me to identify a reaction or do a mechanism.

I really need to do better, and more importantly, I want to do better. I need to be a better chemist. I'm gonna dig out my copy of Wade (that's the O Chem book we used btw) and learn the stuff I should have learned sophmore year instead of bs'ing my way through it.

I will say this though...I think a big reason why I don't those particular parts of O Chem is because I never use them. I work solely in characterization/material properties/failure analysis now, and that craft I know. I can look at a spectrum and tell you exactly what's going on, and that skill I'm proud of.

A much needed breaak...