I'm 32!

Guess who just had a birthday...me! I turned 32 a few weeks ago. On the eve of my birthday, I stopped to reflect on how much my life has changed. Just last year, I was a bit sad on my birthday because it meant I was getting closer to being an old maid. I always enjoy my birthday, but I wanted to have a special person in my life to share it with. This year, LM was with me for my birthday and it was so great to have that experience...finally.

Leading up to my birthday was a very busy time. The week before my birthday we moved into our new apartment which is absolutely fantastic. We now have a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom apartment in a new building that is centrally located for both of us. The bigger space is great, I can still take the bus to work and best of all, we live across the street from a Target! The move went smoothly, but we had a lot of stuff so it was more costly than I anticipated. We also bought a new bed for our room, which was delivered just before we left for vacation. We settled on a bed with pocketed coils which I absolutely love.

The Friday before my birthday (which is also Fourth of July) we flew out to DC, for my BFF's wedding. The wedding was in Arlington at a supper club-type location, which was a great venue. It started late, but LM and I managed to entertain ourselves until the wedding. The ceremony was beautiful, my BFF wore this great tux and his wife wore a gorgeous form-fitting satin dress. During the cocktail hour, the staff flipped the room for the reception. This wedding had a TON of food - a 2 course plated dinner plus a buffet of Nigerian food (my BFF is Nigerian). Everything was delicious but I was stuffed when we left. I'm so happy that we got to attend the wedding, it was beautiful and I was happy to share that moment both with my BFF and LM.

After the brunch wedding on Sunday, we did a few last-minute things and hung out with the bride & groom for a bit before we headed to bed. We had an early flight on Sunday (my birthday) to Puerto Rico, for some rest and relaxation. We stayed at the Intercontinental, which isn't far from the airport. The hotel was beautiful and the staff were great - they even sent up a free dessert for my birthday. As soon as we checked in and made it to our room, we changed and hit the beach. We got a lot of sun and time in the ocean, which was great.

Puerto Rico

On our second day we went to Old San Juan and did some sightseeing and eating. In the afternoon we did the Bacardi Factory Tour, which was fun. I learned a bunch of new stuff and I never turn down free drinks!

Bacardi Tour photo

LM and I both wanted to relax on this trip, so we didn't do a ton of organized things. We ate a lot of great food and had a ton of drinks. We also did some gambling in a few other casinos (the casino in our hotel was tiny and didn't have a craps table). Overall, it was a great trip and gave us just the relaxation we were looking for.

Originally I'd planned to celebrate my birthday at Essence Festival, but our plans changed when my BFF set his wedding date. Even though we didn't make it to New Orleans, I had a great birthday, mostly because LM was with me. It was a great getaway and a time to step away from all the things going on in our lives.