I Quit Relationship Blogs...

At least the ones written by men, with the exception of Until I Get Married. I've been talking about this in my twitter for about a week (twitter.com/Jubilance1922 for those of you who don't follow me).  I used to read several popular relationship blogs written by men or a group of men...and one day I just got fed up and deleted them all from my Google Reader (and if you don't use the Google Reader, you are slippin).

So why'd I quit all these blogs?  Well there are a number of reasons:

* They are full of crap - like full of ridiculous-ness (yes I just made up that word #dontjudgeme).  I remember reading a post on a certain relationship blog, in which the writer asserted that a woman who had condoms in her purse was a hoe.  Remember that part in the movie Clue where Mrs. White said she was so mad she felt flames on the side of her face?  Yeah, that was me when I read that...Amazingly irresponsible to say that a woman taking responsibility for her sexual health makes her a hoe, considering how Black women 25-44 have some of the highest rates of new HIV infections in the US.  Utterly irresponsible, foolish & misguided.

* The topics seem like they came straight out of a Tyler Perry play - yes, they are that cliché.  It's as if no one has a unique post topic.  It's the same recycled topic from blog to blog - how to make the leap from jumpoff/FwB to girlfriend/wife; why Black women aren't getting married; how to not be "that chick" (a slut, needy, crazy, etc.);  how to get your dude to commit; and the list goes on.  Out of ALL the various topics that you can discuss relating to relationships, why the constant regurgitation of topics?

* The actual writing leaves something to be desired - I'm not expecting every blogger to be a professional writer; I recognize that most aren't.  But some of these blogs leave me wishing that I could whip out a red pen and start marking up their posts.  Issues with grammar and punctuation wouldn't bother me so much if the actual analysis in these posts was ground-breaking and thought-provoking; instead often what you get is a surface-level write-up of the topic with some very elementary scenarios thrown in.  Not very stimulating.

* They have too many groupies cosigning everything they say - The comments sections of these blogs are not really a place to see some genuine debate on the blog post topic...instead its a place for a bunch of "co-sign!" and "this post is on point" comments instead. These writers could say that women should be walking around in burqas perpetually pregnant, and the comments would be filled with mostly women cosigning on it.  *sigh*  I need folks to 1) have the balls to dissent sometimes and 2) not cosign foolishness.

Now, I'm not saying that every relationship blog written by a man is garbage.  But a lot are, which is unfortunate.  I specifically shouted out Until I Get Married, because its one of the few blogs that I enjoy - the author is a great writer, has interesting topics, and they are thought-provoking.  Now if only all the relationship blogs written by men were just as good...I can dream, right?