I need to get my life together....

Its not often that I post back to back, but what the hell... Having a blog (or two) is a gift and a curse. Its a gift because I can go back and see how much I've progressed, and see things that I may have forgotten about. Its a curse because I can see areas where I have not changed at all, I'm still complaining about the same things, holding on to the same hurts, crying the same tears, and not progressing in that area of my life.

I did a quick random skimming of some old posts, and it was more than enough motivation to REALLY work on getting myself together. I've gotten lazy, and instead of progressing I've been stagnant, which is really unhealthy. I need and want to be progressing, moving forward, making positive changes in my life.

So here's the beginning. I can't guarantee that I won't regress a few times, or have some bad days, but I'm truly committed to make some lasting changes in my life.