I Need DWade To Better

Who saw the picture of Dwayne Wade's Halloween costume? In case you missed it, here you go

In case you're wondering, he was supposed to be Justin Timberlake.

Yeah...when I saw the pics, my face was like


How dumb do you have to be to do this kind of stuff in 2010?  Like seriously?  Nobody told him this was a bad idea?

Let's pretend for a moment that the situation was reversed, and Justin Timberlake decided it was a good idea to be Dwayne Wade for Halloween, complete with dark skin makeup.  Folks woulda been cursing him out via Twitter, burning Cd's, calling for JT's head & everything else.  Why? Cause blackface is disrespectful and rooted in racism.

Granted, Dwayne Wade isn't doing blackface.  But he is doing the exact same thing that we (meaning Black people) criticize non-Blacks for.  And for that, his costume is inappropriate.  There are other ways to convey the person he's trying to portray without the white makeup. Or he could have scrapped that idea altogether - there are millions of costume ideas out there.  Why choose the costume that is insensitive & inappropriate?

Frankly, I expected better from folks than to pull something like this. How can we complain about how other racial groups are insensitive, when we pull the exact same stunts? We can't have it both ways - be upset when Sarah Silverman posts blackface pics on Twitter or be outraged when frat boys in the South dress up as rappers for Halloween, and yet go out the house with white makeup on.  Either its wrong for everyone to do, or its ok for everyone.  But the "we can do it, but you can't" double standard? Naw, that's got to go.

How do you feel about DWade's Halloween costume?  Is it ok? Am I making a big fuss about nothing? Is it ok for a Black person to paint their faces white?  Is it ok for anyone to wear makeup to portray a person of another race?