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I Love You Enough To Not Date You

So since the end of last year I've been loving this new Lloyd Banks song, I Don't Deserve You. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xcVaPa3I1H8]

So in the song he's talking about really digging a chick, caring for her, knowing that they'd be perfect for each other...but leaving her alone cause he knows he'd be bad for her.


On the surface it seems like a caring thing to do, to own up to ones "ain't shit"-ness & say "You are too good of a person for me to fuck over so I'mma just not even fuck wit you". But at the same time, shouldn't caring for someone, especially someone who you care for, that you know is the right person for you, shouldn't that be motivation to get your shit together? To stop being raggedy & start being the person they need you to be? To let go of the randoms, the gallivanting,etc?

As a woman, if a man hit me with this "baby, I can't date you cause I'm too much of a fuck up for you" stuff, I'd be pissed. I'd think "why am I too good for him to treat like one of the randoms, but not good enough for him to get his shit together?". Recognizing that you need to do better is only part of the solution - you have to go further & actually do better; simply recognizing what you need to work on is like only driving half the distance to your job.

The more I think about this, the more this whole idea just seems like a man running game to me. Maybe there is some sincerity behind it, but how strong can the feelings be if the person isn't willing to change for someone they love?

Thoughts? Am I way off base here? Has someone ever said this to you?


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