Help me understand?

I've been watching Bridezillas a lot lately. They were doing marathons because the new season started last night. These chicks are THE FUCKING WORST. How the hell they managed to get a man, keep a man, get that man to propose and then marry they asses is so beyond me. I can't understand it. They are a damn fool, are rude, loud, bitchy, and dudes still want to marry them after all this?

Granted, I have my bad days, but these chicks take the cake. I've never treated a man the way these chicks treat the man that they supposedly want to spend the rest of their lives with. I don't even treat randoms like that.

So how does stuff like this happen? What kind of stunts is the universe pulling? Does the universe reward bad behavior?

I really hope that these chicks aren't this bad IRL and are just acting for the camera, but something tells me this is how they really are. Unbelievable.