He Says He Loves Me, Part III

One year later... As I rode in the shuttle, zooming towards the airport, I heard the familiar chime of my Blackberry Messenger. As I chatted with DB, I thought about what he told me weeks prior - what he had planned the night I left Orlando & how much he missed me. At the time, I considered his comments to be a fluke, or simply game. We continued to chat as I arrived at the airport & dropped off my bag. Riding up the escalator, the words I always wanted to hear from DB flashed onto my screen.

"I still love you. I hope you understand or can forgive me for not telling you sooner."

Those words....those words I'd longed to hear for so long were finally there. I was floored. He loves me? He did before? Why is he telling me this now? Is this just a game, or a heartfelt confession?

For the first time since the night I first stared into those eyes, DB & I had an honest conversation. I saw for the first time his vulnerability, his emotions. I saw a man who was remorseful, who had nothing to lose & was finally willing to let go of his facade & share his true feelings. He  laid himself bare to me, and I accepted his emotional purging with revelations of my own.

All I ever wanted, from the first night I met DB, was for him to love me. To care for me, to desire me, to want to make me happy.  It saddens me that it took twelve months & 1500 miles of distance for his true feelings to come to light. But as I told him, its never hollow to tell someone you love them.

What does the future hold? Let's journey & find out.