He Says He Loves Me, Part I

"Hey, what you doing? My boy just moved to Orlando & he invited us over for dinner & to watch the game, wanna go?" It was a lazy Sunday afternoon in January. I was already planning to just chill & watch football, so chilling with my soror TS & whoever her friend was seemed like a cool plan. I texted her back to get details & directions on his place. A few hours later, I pulled up to a new complex & waited in the car for my soror to arrive. When she did, we rolled through the gate & headed up to her friend's apartment.

First thing I noticed were his eyes - they caught the light & changed depending on the angle. No matter the shade, I was hooked by them. The rest of him was just ok...but the eyes got me. TS introduced me to DB, and I learned he was a fellow Greek she knew from school in South Florida. While TS & I got comfy, DB tended to his cooking duties in the kitchen. I sank into his cushy couch & turned my attention to the game playing on the biggest tv I'd seen in a long time.

Hours passed...food was eaten, football was watched, various topics were discussed. I was impressed with his conversation skills; he challenged me which doesn't happen often. No matter what move I made or point I played, he was right there to counter or volley back. And even worse, he seemed to KNOW me, he read me like I was his favorite volume of prose. So involved we were in the conversation, we didn't even notice TS's restlessness. She finally tapped out at the beginning of the second game, said her good-byes and headed home. I could have left then...but I didn't. I was already hooked...and he knew it. Which is why he suggested that I run to the house, pack a bag, and come back for a sleepover. A sleepover? When we just met a few hours earlier? My head said "this is gonna be all bad" but my heart said "you know you don't want to leave". Guess which side won?

My lead foot was even heavier on the pedal as I raced home to gather my things. My mind was racing just as fast as my car - am I insane? Why does he have such an effect on me already? I was full of questions but I only had the answer to one - that I knew I had fallen for him already & I was going to spend the night. I threw some things in a bag, hopped back in the car, and made it back in time for the second half. The vibe picked up right back where it left off just a few minutes before.

By the next morning, I knew I was a lost cause. It was as if I was struck by lightning - hit with a bolt so fast, I had no way to dodge it or even protect myself from it. And just like one who is struck by lightning, I was knocked down with a blow so powerful, I knew I wouldn't recover anytime soon. Only one problem - was I the only one who was struck?

To be continued....