Halloween Week(end) Antics

The highlights:

  • Drinks w/my friend Illy & the impromptu networking session that ensued - it ALWAYS pays to be prepared & to have your business cards with you.
  • Clean Slate Riesling - just discovered it, very yummy.
  • Drinks at Prohibition on the 27th floor of  The W Hotel - great drinks & great company.
  • Getting the pair of booties I've been wanting on sale #yay
  • KA's birthday celebration at the VIP movie lounge.  Saw "The Social Network" while sipping a martini, which was very nice.  And the best part? NO KIDS!
  • First and second date with a new guy.  He's fun, I like him so far.
  • French toast at 3AM #sogood

The lowlights:

  • Expensive ass parking downtown for the Timberwolves game.  Does anyone even go to their games?
  • The new happy hour spot in downtown Mpls - I'm not a fan of  the crowd.  But it was packed, I'm sure that will be the new hangout spot for folks on Friday nights.
  • Running into a dude you used to kick it with twice in  24 hours.  Especially when the first time you see him he tries to be funny at your expense *sigh*  He's an asshole & I also think he shrunk #ha.
  • Walking around the ENTIRE Mall of America cause you're with a tourist who wants to see the entire thing #tiring.
  • Idiot ppl in your bldg who pull the fire alarm at 5AM suck...especially when you didn't go to bed until 330AM.  What are we up to, like 4-5 false fire alarms?  I feel like I live in the dorms, not an apartment building.
  • It's probably not a good idea to do the following: spend almost a year begging a woman to date you; decide to make another chick your girlfriend; run into the chick you've been sweating while out with your girlfriend & carry on convo w/her in front of said girlfriend without introducing them to each other.  Its weird, and the girlfriend did not look happy.

Overall, a pretty good yet very busy week.  Can't wait to get some rest.

How was your Halloween?  See any good costumes or go to a good party?