Guilty Pleasures

This is Day 10 in my 30 days of blogging challenge. I took the weekend off, don't judge me. I actually really hate the term "guilty pleasure". It's pretty lame. It implies that I'm spending my time doing something I'm not supposed to do. I'm grown! I do what I want, LOL. But seriously, I can't say that I have true guilty pleasures, because I don't feel bad about anything I do. I spend my time the way I want, and I don't let anyone make me feel bad about that. Well not anymore...growth and all that.

I approve of everything I do, but I recognize that other people may find some of my pursuits questionable. That's ok. My favorite one is watching trashy reality tv shows. I love me some Love & Hip Hop! I watch enough of Basketball Wives to know what's going on. Real Housewives of Atlanta still manages to get my viewing time, as does Mob Wives. I can't do all the shows though - I don't watch the Braxton show, or Bad Girls Club, or this new Married to Medicine. I definitely can't stand Big Rich Texas/Atlanta, and you can forget about the new Real World or all the challenges. So yes, I'm choosy with my ratchet tv, LOL.

I see the pseudo-intellectual bougie folks on Twitter and the blogs who rail against these types of shows, and then infer things about those who watch. Listen, I'm an educated professional woman who is successful. I have zero drama in my life. I love reality tv drama because I can laugh at other people's' antics, and when I've had enough, I can change the channel. Plus, we all know this isn't real, all these shows are scripted, Z-listers are trying to get some shine and a check. If they want to entertain me, who am I to deny them?